Mandi Frinskie

My name is Mandi and this is my first year as an ambassador. I love our Alberta trail systems that ASA has worked on for many years. I want to help promote the fact that so much work goes into those systems and get people to discover the beauty that Alberta has to offer.

The communities associated with ASA and the trails / areas Alberta has to offer are maintained and created by likeminded people who just wanna get out.

I was born in Edmonton and raised in Edmonton. As a child I spent A LOT of my time in Smoky Lake, this is where I first started sledding. My parents tell me I was 2 years old, sitting on an old Ilan in the yard. My dad went to go inside to grab something when he heard the sled fire up, yup that was me, 2 years old starting sleds.

My friends and family think I’m crazy when it’s plus 30 out sitting next to the lake and I’m praying for 10 feet of snow so I can go rip up a steep hill, wind through the trees and find a fresh patch of snow to donut it and get a face full of pow.

Being able to get people to come out and enjoy the same feeling has become so important to me because it’s saved me from a lot.