Tanya Adams

Why do you want to be an ASA Ambassador?

My ultimate dream is to share my outdoor experiences with others and hopefully spark something in them to invite a new hobby or ignite an old one. After riding a borrowed snow machine only 3 times I was hooked! I soon purchased my own snowmobile and dove head first into the world of sledding! I quickly learned that there are hundreds of volunteers working long hours maintaining our riding areas in more ways than one! I wanted to get involved, lighten the load, learn all there is to learn and spread the awesomeness!!

How long have you been riding?

I’ve been around sledding since childhood but I just started mountain riding in 2017/18 so it’s only Season Five but with approximately 50 days a season I’m making up for lost time!!

What do you ride?

I ride a 2019 Skidoo Summit 850. It’s an incredible machine! I was scheming up a plan to get a new one but I’m gonna ride mine another season, since we are literally just getting to know each other, I’d like to see where it goes!

What is something we should know about you?

My sled obsession is real! If you don’t already know I’m a sledder, you will soon!! It’s literally on my mind probably every hour of everyday. And I probably talk about it every now and then!!! My energy is infectious I strive to keep the stoke level high on and off the mountain! IMO attitude is everything

My passion for riding, is equal to that for exploration and safety! Mapping and planning adventures is almost as fun as having them, I mean not exactly but it’s definitely the best way to pass the time between trips. Safety is my highest priority, I have plans to complete my AST2 this season and continue to acquire further skills for sledding!

My Moto: Killing It Kindly
Life Goals: Professional Fun Haver